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Landing-to-impress for the Worldwide First Robot Sommelier

Problem Description

Our client embarked on an ambitious project to introduce the world's first Robotic Arm designed specifically for wine tasting, marking a significant innovation at the intersection of technology and the hospitality industry. The objective was to create an engaging, distinctive, and informative landing page specifically for the American market. This page needed to appeal not only to individual enthusiasts but more importantly, to the broader hospitality and entertainment sector.

робиновино экран
Collaboration Process:

The journey began with an in-depth interview and analysis of the business requirements. The Hi-Tag Team then formulated a conceptual idea that perfectly aligned with the client's vision. This concept received the client's enthusiastic approval, setting the stage for the next phase. We chose WordPress CMS as our foundation, considering its versatility and robust features that support both development and SEO. This decision paved the way for a website that not only meets current needs but also has the capacity for future expansion and optimization.


The collaborative effort of the Hi-Tag Team led to the development of a modern and sophisticated landing page for RobinoVino. Interactive features and a user-friendly interface ensure that business professionals can easily navigate and understand the product's value. As a result of this collaboration, RobinoVino now has a digital presence that perfectly encapsulates the essence of their innovative product.

“I highly appreciate the efforts of the Hi-Tag team and Anastasiya's contributions. They did a fantastic job and truly exceeded my expectations. Their insights were spot-on in targeting our B2B audience. I’m hopeful for more equally successful collaborations in the future.”

Founder, Robinovino.com
сайт робиновино

Efficient WordPress Integration for a Premium Furniture Producer

Problem Description

MSV-HOLZ, a German premium furniture producer required renovation of his online furniture store in order to stay competitive and expand its presence on local german market.

Collaboration Process

In less than two months, we have successfully launched an upgraded online store. WordPress CMS with WooCommerce plugin was identified as the most efficient and cost-effective solution to address all customer needs. Due to deep internal tech optimization, UI/UX redesign, and new functionality development, the website became more attractive for customers and started generating more revenue.


The team managed to redesign the whole checkout process. We enriched the web store with 3D furniture models for each item, added custom configurators, enhanced the forms, and revised brand elements. As a result of ongoing collaboration the website not only generates revenue as an efficient sales channel today but has the potential to expand the client’s business in other niches on the furniture market.

“It took me a while to find a reliable service provider for the website. Now I have a Hi-Tag team and they are awesome. They exceed all my expectations by the readiness to go the extra mile. The team not only provides dev services but assists in all related tech and SEO areas. I am excited to go further with you guys! Fantastic job! Thanks, Hi-Tag team!”

Borys Ratner
CEO and Founder, MSV-Holz.de

Website SEO Tech Audit for Global RPA Provider

Problem Description

WorkFusion, a leader in robotics process automation was about to launch a new RPA product on the market. The newly created product website wasn’t properly optimized for search engines and had an insufficient ranking there. The customer had to find a solution to speed up website promotion to achieve a high SEO ranking within a short time frame.

Provided Solution

The customer recognized Hi-Tag Business Solutions as experienced and reliable SEO service provider that is able to deliver prompt website tech audit. Within the first week, we had inspected the entire website structure? content, and code with several specialized tools for numerous search ranking criteria. We have presented an extentive audit report on 40+ search optimization parametres. Due to timely assessment activities, it became possible to fix the major part of critical code errors, provide necessary changes to the website, and make it more attractive for search engines in a couple of weeks.


As a result of productive collaboration with Hi-Tag Business Solutions, the product website of WorkFusion has been properly optimized, revised, and adapted to the sophisticated search engine’s technical requirements. Eventually, the new product has been successfully introduced on time and could be easily found by potential customers and partners over the web. Moreover, it gave a boost to the company’s fast growth.

“With the help of the Hi-Tag team, we rapidly revised the technical state of the newly created website and enhanced our SEO positions right before the largest upcoming marketing campaign where we introduced our revolutionary product RPA. Great Job! Thank you team for your quick and professional help!”

Ilya Kazimirovsky
SVP EU Operations, Workfusion
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